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  • I have an i-Travel (Annual) insurance policy. Does it cover all my journeys made during the year?
  • I planned for a 5-day trip in Singapore and purchased an i-Travel insurance policy. On the last day of my trip I suffered from serious diarrhea thus I have to stay in Singapore for 2 more days. Will my i-Travel insurance policy provide coverage?
  • My planned travel period is within the period of insurance of my i-Travel Policy. During the middle of my trip, I wish to extend my travel plan. Will my i-Travel Policy automatically extend the period of insurance?
  • I fell sick while I was travelling but I did not consult a doctor. I only did so when I came back to Hong Kong. Am I covered?
  • I am going on a business trip after which I will stay behind for my personal travelling. Can I only take out travel insurance for my personal travel?
  • When I returned to Hong Kong from a trip, my baggage was delayed. Am I covered under my i-Travel Policy?
  • What should be my policy inception date for a flight schedule starting at midnight?
  • I will be travelling to Phuket this weekend, but a tsunami has just hit the tourist spot today. I want to cancel my trip. Am I covered?
  • Phuket has just been hit by a tsunami today. Although I only plan to go there 3 months later, I want to cancel my trip now, can I claim my travel expenses so far?
  • I originally planned to travel from Edinburgh to London then to Hong Kong by air. Unfortunately the volcanic ash had halted the air traffic in Scotland. I chose the road transport instead to travel to London in order to catch the flight to Hong Kong. Can I claim the road transport costs?
  • I originally planned to take a public coach from Central Taiwan to Taipei where I will take a flight back to Hong Kong. Unfortunately the heavy rain and landslide had blocked off the road and my flight had gone. I therefore bought another air ticket to return to Hong Kong. Can I claim the additional air ticket cost?
  • I missed my flight since there was a traffic accident on my way to the airport and the road was congested. Consequently I had to purchase another air ticket to reach my destination. Can I claim back the extra ticket fees?
  • London Heathrow Airport was temporarily shut down due to the spread of the volcanic ash, diverting all the flights to its neighboring airport in Paris. As a result, the Paris Airport became too busy in air traffic that flights were delayed. I planned to fly from Paris back to Hong Kong and my flight had been delayed for 8 hours to take off. Am I covered?
  • I planned to fly from New York back to Hong Kong but my flight got delayed for 8 hours. The Airline explained that the delay was due to "Air Traffic Control". Can I claim for the delay?
  • Will I be covered if I got injured by terrorist attack while travelling?
The policy provides cover for unlimited number of journeys made during the insurance period. Each journey does not last more than 90 days. If the journey exceeds 90 days, the whole journey will not be covered under the policy.

If your journey lasts more than 90 days, you are recommended to take out i-Travel (Single-Trip) insurance policy which covers any journey up to 182 consecutive days.
Yes. i-Travel Policy will provide coverage. Your coverage under your i-Travel Policy will be automatically extended for a maximum of 14 days if your trip is delayed due to your sickness.

The insurance period of i-Travel Policy will be automatically extended in the following circumstances:
a) Death,
b) Bodily Injury, or
c) Sickness
of you, or your Immediate Family Members, fiancé / fiancée , or Close Business Partner traveling with you.

As a friendly reminder, such circumstances must be supported by a written confirmation from a legally registered medical practitioner from your traveling country during your claim.
Your i-Travel Policy will only be automatically extended for reasons stated in the Travel Delay and Missed Departure Section. If you wish to extend your trip for other purposes and also extend the period of insurance, you are advised to contact us before policy expiry to obtain our prior consent. An additional premium may be required to extend your period of insurance under these circumstances.
Unfortunately, your medical expenses incurred after your return to Hong Kong are not covered. Under your i-Travel Policy, we only pay for medical expenses incurred as follow-up treatment in Hong Kong if you have consulted a Legally Registered Medical Practitioner overseas for the same sickness during the insured trip.
I'm afraid not. It is because travel policy only covers journeys which start in Hong Kong. Therefore, if your company has purchased travel insurance for your business trip, it is recommended to extend the period of insurance to cover your personal trip under the same policy. Otherwise, if your company did not purchase travel insurance for your business trip, it is recommended that you buy a travel policy for your whole trip including both the business and personal travel to ensure protection.
I'm afraid not. Delayed Baggage protection is only available when your check-in baggage was delayed in your outward journey. The intention of this cover is to assist you when you are deprived of essential supplies when away from home. When you return home, it is expected that you will have easy access to such supplies without assistance.
You're recommended to take out travel insurance a day prior to your midnight flight to ensure your journey from home/office to airport will also be covered.

This is because the coverage of i-Travel either commences:
a) when you leave your home or office in Hong Kong for the sole purpose of starting the trip, or ,
b) at the policy inception date

whichever is later.

For example, your flight is scheduled on 00:30 am 10th March. If you take out travel insurance from 10th March and if unfortunately your car crashes during your journey to the airport at 11.30 pm 9th March, then you will not be protected by i-Travel Policy as the travel insurance policy is only effective on 10th March.
Yes, since your journey is unavoidably cancelled by the tsunami, you will be covered for any unused travel and accommodation expenses that you have already paid or must pay and at the same time you cannot recover them from any other source.
I'm afraid that you cannot claim under our policy if you make the cancellation now. Our Trip Cancellation cover will only become operative if the natural disaster has resulted in more than 24-hour delay in your scheduled departure from Hong Kong.
Yes, we will reimburse you the additional road transport fares since the ash from the volcano – which is a natural disaster -- has caused the failure of your scheduled flight to get you to your planned destination – London.
Yes, we will reimburse you the additional air ticket expense as the public coach had failed to get you to the Taipei airport due to adverse weather which is one of the specified perils covered in our policy.
Unfortunately you cannot because traffic accident is not our specified peril that we will cover in our travel policy.
Yes, you would be compensated with HK$250 for your flight delay which was caused by the suspension of the London airport resulting from the spread of the volcanic ash, i.e. a natural disaster.
We are sorry that we cannot proceed with your claim because "Air Traffic Control" does not fall within our policy coverage in Travel Delay Section. However, you would be compensated with HK$250 for your flight delay if the delay from "Air Traffic Control" is directly or indirectly resulted from adverse weather condition or natural disaster.
Yes. i-Travel Policy extends to cover death or bodily injury, medical expenses and emergency assistance services in case of terrorist attack while traveling. However, it is noteworthy that we do not cover such acts of terrorism that involve the use of biological, chemical agents or nuclear devices.
Home Insurance
  • What is covered under a FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy if a water pipe bursts at home?
  • I am moving to a new home. Am I covered under my FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?
  • If my domestic helper causes damage to third party properties or injures a third party, am I covered under FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?
  • If a window frame falls from my flat, am I protected by my FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?
  • I have renovated my home to have an open kitchen. Is it covered under my FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?
  • My home was burgled and I lost my expensive watches and HK$50,000 in cash. Am I covered under my FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?
  • My apartment is let. Can I just take out the optional cover of the Building Insurance under the FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy?
When a pipe bursts, the following may happen:
the wall behind which the pipe is laid may require repainting ;

the wallpaper may need to be replaced;

the wooden flooring may need to be replaced;

the electricity cables and switches may need to be replaced;

the lower part of the furniture such as the dining table, the wardrobes, the beds may be wet, requiring repair or replacement;

water may have seeped through the floor to the unit below, resulting in a claim for the cost of repairs etc. from the tenant below

The reasonable cost of repairs to, or replacement of, the furniture will be paid as Household Contents subject to a policy excess. In some cases, the claim payment is also subject to a deduction for wear and tear.

The cost of replacing the electricity cables and switches, repainting the wall or replacing the wallpaper is not payable under the Household Contents Section of the Policy as the wall, wiring and switches form part of a Building. However such cost can be paid, subject to a policy excess, if you have purchased the Building Section of the Policy. The same situation would apply to the wooden flooring.

It is worth noting that unless there is clear evidence to show that the pipe burst is caused by an external accident e.g. someone has struck the wall hard to break it and subsequently the pipe, the cost of repairing or replacing a burst pipe is not covered under any insurance policy. As pipes are usually hidden behind and protected by walls, if they burst it is most likely to be caused by their own wear and tear (which is a common exclusion by insurance policies) unless there is obvious external force.

As to the claim from the landlord below, the Personal Liability Section of the Policy will help you take care of this. Whether the Policy will eventually pay out depends on whether you are legally responsible for the burst and the subsequent escape of water to the floor below. If it is proven that the water damage occurred because of your negligence, the Policy will pay the indemnity after recovering from you a policy excess. If you are not responsible for the water damage, the Policy will not pay the tenant below.

In order for the insurance company to handle the claim on your behalf, please ensure that you comply with the Claims Conditions.
Subject to a few exceptions and a maximum limit, your Household Contents are covered under the Policy in the course of your household removal if this is done through the service of a professional remover. Please refer to your Policy for the amount of the maximum limit. Each loss is also subject to a policy excess as stated in the Policy.

The items of Household Contents which are not covered in this situation are:

Valuable Property

fragile items which are unsuitably packed
If the domestic helper causes the damage or the injury while she is working for you, e.g. when she is cleaning the windows at home or shopping in the supermarket for your household needs, legally you are liable for her acts. In this situation, the Policy will provide cover for you.

If the domestic helper causes the damage or the injury while she is acting for herself only, e.g. when she is on leave, you are not legally liable for her acts. Under these circumstances, the Policy will not provide cover for such damage or injury.
A window frame is part of a Building. If you have purchased the Building Section, the replacement cost of the window frame is covered by the Policy as long as the cause of its fall is not excluded by the Policy. For example, if it falls because of the strong wind in a typhoon, the Policy will pay for the replacement. However if it falls because of its own wear and tear or corrosion, the Policy will not pay for the replacement.

If a third party is injured or if third party properties are damaged as a result of the fall of the window frame, you will incur legal liability. Such liability is covered by the Personal Liability Section of the Policy regardless of the cause of the fall of the window frame.
As long as the renovation was done in compliance with all relevant regulations, the open kitchen continues to be covered as part of the Building under the Building Section of the Policy.
The Policy will pay for the lost watches up to a specified maximum value per watch as stated in the Policy. The Policy also specifies a maximum value for all the watches and valuable items. For example, the Policy may pay a maximum of HK$15,000 per watch. In total, the Policy will pay up to approximately HK$166,666 or HK$333,333 for all the watches and valuable items under the Household Contents Section of different plans.

If any of your watches is worth more than the maximum value as stated in the Policy and you would like to insure it for its full value, please contact our hotline. You may be required to supply more information or documents for us to consider whether or not such a watch can be insured up to its full value subject to an additional premium.

As to the loss of cash, the Policy will pay up to a maximum value as stated in the Policy e.g. HK$1,000 for each loss.

You are advised not to put too much cash at home as the cover for any loss of cash is limited.
Unfortunately you cannot. The Household Contents Section is the basic cover of FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy which is mandatory for purchase. If your apartment is let together with your furniture and electrical appliances, FamilySurance Plus 4.0 Insurance Policy will provide relevant cover. In your case where you are not residing in the insured apartment, the cover will be limited to any loss of or damages to the household contents caused by the named perils such as fire, explosion, flood, typhoon, etc.