MediSure Plus

MediSure Plus

Coupled with its full-cover features for major hospitalisation expenses, MSIG’s MediSure Plus is specially designed to supplement your existing medical plan to give you true lifelong comprehensive protection throughout your working life and into retirement.


Full Cover for Major Hospitalization Expenses

Major hospitalisation charges such as
  • miscellaneous hospital charges
  • in-hospital specialists
  • surgeons*
  • anaesthetists* and
  • operation theatre charges*

will be reimbursed in full, up to the annual maximum limit under Hospital and Related Services Benefit. It’s quite possible that you don’t have to pay a single dollar for hospitallsation.

*The maximum limit of surgeon, anaesthetist and operation theatre charges for Excel Plan should be according to surgical schedule up to HK$320,000.

*For Standard Plan, the maximum limit of surgeon fee is up to HK$50,000,anesthetist fee and operation theatre are up to HK$15,500 respectively.

Table of Benefits
( Effective from 01 January 2017)
Standard PlanExcel PlanSuper PlanExecutive PlanMedical Top Up Plan3
Maximum Benefits Payable (HK$)
(A) Overall Maximum Limit per Disability
Core Cover
Hospital & Related Services Benefit
Maximum Limit
• per year
Room & Board
• per day
(up to 120 days per disability)
50% reimbursement for each eligible claim up to Maximum Limit per year

Accompany Bed
• per day, for one adult family member for hospitalisation of children of aged 17 or below
(up to 120 days per disability)
Full CoverFull CoverFull Cover
Intensive Care
• supplement to Room & Board
• per disability
15,500Full CoverFull CoverFull Cover
Miscellaneous Hospital Charge
• per disability
15,500Full CoverFull CoverFull Cover
Physician Fees
• per day
(up to 120 days per disability)
ln-hospital Specialists
• per disability
5,000Full CoverFull CoverFull Cover
Surgeon Fee1
• per operation
50,0001According to Surgical Schedule up to 320,0001Full CoverFull Cover
Anaesthetist Fee1
• per operation
Operation Theatre1
• per operation
Pre-Admission Outpatient Visits
• 2 visits within 30 days before admission
1,300Full CoverFull CoverFull Cover
Post-Hospital Follow-up Treatment
• Follow-up treatment within 60 days after discharge
Private Nursing
• per day
• per year up to 26 weeks
300Full CoverFull CoverFull Cover
Outpatient Chemotherapy/Radiotherapy/Kidney Dialysis16,500Full CoverFull CoverFull Cover
Post Operation and Cancer Treatment Recovery Benefit
- Per day
- Up to 5 visits per year for each of following treatments
1. Psychological Counselling (Consultation fee only)
2. Dietetic Consultation (Consultation fee only)
3. Speech Therapy (Treatment fee only)
4. Occupational Therapy (Treatment fee only)
5. Chinese Herbalist Consultation and Acupuncture
•Reimbursement percentage










Day Surgery Allowance
• per operation
Public Hospital Cash Benefit
• per day
(up to 120 days per disability)
Lifetime Limit
• per person, applied at or above age 70
Increased International Cover Benefit (in excess of maximum limit per year for Hospital & Related Services Benefit)
Maximum Limit
• per year
Organ Transplantation Benefit
250,000500,000750,0001,500,00050% reimbursement for each eligible claim up to Maximum Limit per year
Maximum Limit
• per year and per disability
250,000500,000750,0001,500,00050% reimbursement for each eligible claim up to Maximum Limit per year
Additional Benefits
Free Medical Service at Appointed CentreOnce per YearOnce per YearOnce per YearOnce per YearOnce per Year
International Payment Guarantee2AvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableN/A
24-hour International Emergency AssistanceAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailableAvailable
Emergency Evacuation & Repatriation
• per year and per disability
Free Tavel Personal Accident
• per year and per accident
Job Changer Hospital Benefit4
• per year
1According to surgical schedule and plan chosen.
2Upon receipt of adequate prior notification of claim for Hospital in-patient treatment, MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited (“MSIG”) will confirm the extent of insurance benefits, monitor claims procedures, issue (wherever possible) appropriate payment guarantees and/or arrange direct settlement to the Hospitals, Physicians or other service providers subject always to policy terms and conditions. No such payment guarantees or direct settlements can be made if MSIG is not contacted in advance with all relevant details as stated above. Covered outpatient services are not subject to payment guarantees or direct settlement and must be paid by the Insured Person and reimbursement claimed under the policy.
3The insured person should own a valid hospital & surgical insurance policy at the time of hospital confinement or treatment; otherwise the benefit for Medical Top Up Plan will become invalid.
4Waiting period: 90 days from the effective date of Medical Top Up Plan. Maximum period of coverage: within 120 days from the date of termination of employment. The Insured Person has to provide proof of termination of employment upon submission of claim.


More Benefits to Give Extra Protection

Pre-and post-hospitalisation care of up to 90 days
full cover of hospital benefits extends to two medically necessary pre-hospital diagnostic outpatient visit within 30 days before admission and post-hospital follow-up treatment within 60 days after discharge
Full cover for chemotherapy, targeted therapy, radiotherapy or renal dialysis at a hospital
up to the maximum limit of Hospital and Related Services Benefit, irrespective of whether such treatment is received on in-patient or out-patient basis
International Payment Guarantee
no need to pay cash upfront. All bills may be settled when you’re discharged
Free Medical Preventive Service Once a Year#
#Remarks for free medical preventive service offer:
    • A redemption letter for the free medical preventive service will be sent together with the policy to each Insured Person (if applicable) by mail in 4 weeks of policy inception.
    • The redemption letter is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
Table of Benefits
( Effective from 01 January 2017)
Standard PlanExcel PlanSuper PlanExecutive PlanMedical Top Up Plan3
Maximum Benefits Payable (HK$)
Optional Cover
Outpatient Services Benefit
Maximum Limit
• per year
General Practitioner (GP)
• 1 visit per day
N/AN/AN/AFull CoverN/A
Specialist Practitioner (SP)
• 1 visit per day
N/AN/AN/AFull CoverN/A
Max. Total No. of GP & SP Visits
• per year
N/AN/AN/A30 VisitsN/A
Prescribed Medication
• per year
Diagnostic X-ray & Laboratory Tests
• per year
Bonsetter, Acupuncturist, and Chiropractor treatment
• for accidental injury
• 1 visit per day up to 8 visits per year
Maternity Benefit (12-month waiting period)1
Normal Delivery
• per pregnancy
Complicated Delivery
• per pregnancy, including miscarriage
1Optional Maternity Benefit is eligible for Insured Person aged 18 to 49 upon enrolment.


Optional Benefits

Comprehensive Cover for 28 Critical Illnesses^
      1. Cancer (spread of malignant cell)
      2. Stroke (permanent neurological damage)
      3. Heart attack
      4. Coronary artery-bypass surgery
      5. End stage liver failure
      6. End stage kidney failure
      7. Major organ transplant(s)
      8. Motor neurone disease
      9. Loss of hearing (both ears)
      10. Blindness (both eyes)
      11. Major burns
      12. Coma
      13. Parkinson’s Disease
      14. Multiple Sclerosis
      15. Paralysis/Paraplegia
      16. Loss of Independent Existence
      17. HIV Resulting from Blood Transfusion
      18. Aorta Surgery
      19. Heart Valve Surgery
      20. Alzheimer’s Disease
      21. Loss of Speech
      22. Benign Brain Tumor
      23. Terminal Illness
      24. Loss of Limbs
      25. Muscular Dystrophy
      26. Encephalitis
      27. Accidental Head Injury Resulting in Major Head Trauma
      28. Pulmonary Hypertension
Lady Benefit Covering Critical Female Illnesses^#
  • Female specific cancers in situation
    • Breast
    • Vagina / vulva
    • Fallopian tube
    • Uterus
    • Cervix (CIN Ill or above)
    • Ovary
  • Female Illnesses
    • Rheumatoid arthritis
    • Osteoporosis leading to hip fractures
    • Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) with lupus nephritis
Outpatient Services Benefit
Supplementary Major Medical Benefit
    Dental Benefit
      Maternity Benefit
        ^Terms and Conditions for Critical Illness Benefit and Lady Benefit:
        1. Waiting period - 60 days
        2. Survival period - 21 days
        3. Age limit for insuring - 15 days - 59 years of age for Critical Illness
        4. Age limit for renewal - 79 years of age
        5. If you suffer from one of the listed critical illnesses or one of the female illnesses named above and are entitled to a cash benefit as stated in the maximum limit, once the full amount of the maximum limit is paid, your Critical Illness Benefit will be terminated but you can still enjoy the protection of lifelong medical cover.

        #Remark for Lady Benefit:
        1. Lady Benefit is a rider of Critical Illness Benefit and cannot be insured separately.
        2. Lady Benefit paid will reduce the maximum limit of Critical Illness Benefit.
        3. Age limit for insuring - 18 - 59 years of age for Lady Benefit.
        Table of Benefits
        ( Effective from 01 January 2017)
        Standard PlanExcel PlanSuper PlanExecutive PlanMedical Top Up Plan3
        Maximum Benefits Payable (HK$)
        Supplementary Major Medical Benefit1
        Applicable after the Section. A (Hospital & Related Services Benefits) is exhausted
        Maximum Limit per disability
        Reimbursement percentage
        Dental Benefit
        Maximum Limit per year
        • Scaling and polishing (Maximum 2 visits per year): HK$500 per visit
        • Routine oral examination
        • Intraoral X-ray and medications
        • Fillings and extractions
        • Drainage of dental abscesses
        • Pins for cusp restoration
        • Dentures, crowns and bridges (Only if necessitated by an Accident)
        Critical Illness Benefits
        Standard Coverage: covers Critical Illnesses item (1) – (12)
        Comprehensive Coverage: covers Critical Illnesses item (1) – (28)
        Overall Maximum Limit for Critical Illnesses Benefit
        Critical illness Benefit
        Lady Benefit (if applicable)
        Terms and Conditions for Optional Supplementary Major Medical Benefit:
          • Not applicable to Pre and Post-Hospitalisation Care and Post Operation and Cancer Treatment Recovery Benefit. HK$1,000 of deductible amount will applied to each claim.


        Lifelong Protection with Guaranteed Renewal#

        MediSure Plus offers you lifelong* medical and hospitallsation cover with guaranteed renewal.
        When your existing medical insurance ceases or you reach retirement age, you can remove the annual deductible and resume full core cover at your discretion upon policy renewal.

        # Subject to conditions:
        * Maternity Benefits will be renewed up to age 49.
        * Critical Illness Benefits and Lady Benefits will be renewed up to age 79.
        * Medical Top Up Plan is renewed up to the age of 69 and can be switched to Standard Plan upon the age of 70 without re-underwriting.


        Save More Than 65% Premium

        To suit your personal needs, our deductible options provide a premium discount up to a maximum of 65%. In addition, another 10% discount will be offered if you and your family** enrol together.

        Annual Aggregate Deductible Amount***Discount Applied on Premium of Core Cover
        Per person (HK$)Excel PlanSuper PlanExecutive Plan
        **Family refers to legal spouse, parents, parents-in-law and/or your unmarried dependent children from 15 days to aged 18, or up to aged 23 if they are full-time students.
        ***The annual aggregate deductible amount applies to core cover only, all other benefits remain unchanged.


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        # Remarks for free medical preventive service offer:
        1. Our Customer Service Hotline office hour is 9:00am to 5:30pm, Monday to Friday (Exclude Public Holidays).
        2. If there is Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal No.8 or above or Black Rainstorm Signal, our Customer Service Officer will contact you in the next working day.