MediSure Plus
Worldwide medical protection for you and your loved ones

  • Arm yourself with comprehensive hospitalisation protection for potential medical needs

  • DBS credit cardholder enjoy 20% premium discount and up to HK$600 InstaRedeem discount via Card+ App

  • Daily premium as low as HK$6

  • Up to 55% discount on premium for optional excess amount

Key Benefits

  • Medical protection with guaranteed renewal up to age 100

  • Up to HK$10,000,000 hospitalisation benefits, full cover for major hospitalization expenses, such as miscellaneous hospital charges, in-hospital specialists, surgeons fee2, operation theatre2 and anaesthetist fee2

  • Pre and post hospitalisation care for 30 days before admission and 90 days after discharge

Other Benefits

  • 24-hour worldwide protection with international payment guarantee

  • Free Medical Preventive Service once per policy year1

  • Optional benefits including Lady Benefit Covering Critical Female Illnesses 3, comprehensive Critical Illnesses Coverage (Up to 28 Critical Illnesses 3), Supplementary Major Medical Benefit4, Dental Benefit and Maternity Benefit5

More details


  • A redemption letter for the free medical preventive service will be sent to each Insured Person (if applicable) by email in 3 months from policy inception date. The redemption letter is non-transferable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
  • The maximum limit of surgeon, anaesthetist and operation theatre charge for Superior and Excel Plan should be according to the surgical schedule up to HK$130,000 and HK$320,000 respectively. For Standard Plan, the maximum limit of surgeon fee is up to HK50,000, anaesthertist fee and operation theatre are up to HK$15,000 respectively.
  • Terms and Conditions for Critical Illness Benefit and Lady Benefit:

    • Waiting period - 60 days
    • Survival period - 21 days
    • Age limit for insuring - 15 days - 59 years of age for Critical Illness
    • Age limit for renewal - 79 years of age

    If you suffer from one of the listed critical illnesses or one of the female illnesses named above and are entitled to a cash benefit as stated in the maximum limit, once the full amount of the maximum limit is paid, your Critical Illness Benefit will be terminated but you can still enjoy the protection of lifelong medical cover.

    Remark for Lady Benefit:

    • Lady Benefit is a rider of Critical Illness Benefit and cannot be insured separately.
    • Lady Benefit paid will reduce the maximum limit of Critical Illness Benefit.
    • Age limit for insuring - 18 - 59 years of age for Lady Benefit.
  • Not applicable to Pre and Post-Hospitalisation Care and Post Operation and Cancer Treatment Recovery Benefit. HK$1,000 of deductible amount will applied to each claim.
  • Optional Maternity Benefit is eligible for Insured Person aged 18 to 49 upon enrolment.

Important Notes:

  • Eligible Insured Person(s) must be living or working in Hong Kong.
  • Applicant must be resident of Hong Kong and aged between 18 and 75.
  • Applicant can apply the Plan with his/her legal spouse, parents, parents-in-law, and/or unmarried children aged between 15 days and 17 (full time students up to 23 years old).
  • Policy effective date is the first calendar day of the following month upon approval.
  • Unless a written termination notice is given to MSIG by the Insured Person, this Insurance will be renewed automatically on a yearly basis upon policy expiry date and premium and the Levy will be deduced from the account provided by the Insured Person.
  • Major exclusions apply: Pre-existing conditions, dental treatment, routine check-up, dangerous sports, pregnancy or childbirth, congenital and hereditary conditions etc.
  • DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“DBS”, which expression includes its successors and assigns) is an insurance agent authorised by MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited.
  • MSIG reserves the right of final approval and amend the above products. In case of disputes, the decision of MSIG shall be final and binding.
  • The above product information is for reference only. For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions, please refer to the policy wording. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of any of the above details, the English version shall prevail.
  • For offer terms and conditions, please click here.

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