Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme

  • Qualifying premium ceiling for tax deduction is HK$8,000 per insured person per year

  • Guaranteed renewal until 100 years of age with no lifetime benefit limit

  • Cover unknown pre-existing conditions

  • AEON Cardmember enjoys up to 15% premium discount on first year policy

  • Offer ends on 31 Aug 2024

About VHIS

The "Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme" (VHIS) implemented by the Government is a policy to coordinate public and private medical systems. To address the increasing needs for healthcare protection in Hong Kong, MSIG has participated in the Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme (VHIS). To provide more comprehensive coverage, we offer enhanced healthcare insurance plans certified by the Food and Health Bureau (FHB).

VHIS Benefits

  • MSIG exclusive day surgery cash allowance

  • Tax deduction - Qualifying premium ceiling for tax deduction is HK$8,000 per insured person per year 

  • Guaranteed renewal until 100 years of age with no lifetime benefit limit

  • Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments up to $80,000 per policy year including target therapy

  • Cover unknown pre-existing conditions

  • Covers psychiatric treatment

  • VHIS Prestige Care plan annual benefit limit up to HK$1,500,000

Tax deductions are available for qualifying premiums paid by a policyholder for himself and his dependents under any VHIS certified plans. The qualifying premium ceiling for tax deduction is HK$8,000 per insured person per year. There is no cap on the number of dependents whose premiums are eligible for tax deduction.


To cater your different medical needs, MSIG provides both the standard plan "VHIS Standard Care"and the flexi plan "VHIS Prestige Care" which offers enhanced coverage and more comprehensive protection.

Below listed coverage is eligible for tax deductions.

BenefitsVHIS Standard Care
(Standard Plan)
VHIS Prestige Care
(Flexi Plan)
Basic BenefitsMaximum Benefits Payable Per Year (HK$)
Benefit Limit420,000Up to 1,500,000
Surgeon's feeUp to 50,000Full cover
Prescribed non-surgical cancer treatments
(including target medicine)
80,000Up to 300,000
Pre-and post-outpatient care3,000Up to 7,500
MSIG Exclusive BenefitsMaximum Benefits Payable Per Claim (HK$)
Day surgery cash allowance1,000
Second claim cash allowance benefit1,000
Enhanced BenefitsMaximum Benefits Payable Per Year (HK$)
Companion bed/Private nursing/Outpatient kidney dialysis/Operation and cancer recovery benefitN/ACover
Increased international cover

Applicable to the emergency treatment of the insured person while travelling or located outside the place of residence (not exceeding 90 days per trip)

N/AAnnual benefit limit will be increased to $6,000,000 per policy year
(Plan C only)
Optional Enhanced BenefitMaximum Benefits Payable Per Year (HK$)
Optional Supplementary major medical benefitN/AUp to 600,000 per year
based on room class
(Coinsurance 20% and $1000 SMM excess per claim)

The above information is only part of the coverages of VHIS and for reference only. Please refer to the policy wording for details.


VHIS Standard Care – Brochure
VHIS Standard Care – Policy wording

VHIS Prestige Care – Brochure
VHIS Prestige Care – Policy wording

Important Notes:
  1. Applicant must be resident of Hong Kong and aged 18 or above.
  2. Policy effective date is the first calendar day of the following month upon approval.
  3. Cover does not begin until application has been accepted and premium received.
  4. Benefits and terms and conditions of Certified Plan to be revised subject to regular review of Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme by Government of Standard Premium Schedule.
  5. Unless a written termination notice is given to MSIG by the Insured Person, this Insurance will be renewed automatically on a yearly basis upon policy expiry date and premium and the Levy will be deduced from the account provided by the Insured Person.
  6. Major exclusions apply: Pre-existing conditions that has existed prior to the policy effective date and the applicant fails to disclose to MSIG upon submission of this application, dental treatment, Eye refractive therapy or LASIK, routine check-up, pregnancy or childbirth, congenital and hereditary conditions etc.
  7. AEON Credit Service (ASIA) Co. Ltd("AEON") is an insurance agent authorised by MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited.
  8. Premium of Standard Premium Schedule may be adjusted at renewal at the discretion of MSIG.
  9. Applicant has cancellation right and right to cancel the policy within the cooling-off period of 21 calendar days.
  10. MSIG reserves the right of final approval and amend the above products. In case of disputes, the decision of MSIG shall be final and binding.
  11. The above product information is for reference only. For details of coverage, terms, conditions, and exclusions, please refer to the VHIS Standard Care and VHIS Prestige Care policy wording. In the event of any discrepancy between the English and Chinese versions of any of the above details, the English version shall prevail.

  1. The promotion period is between 1 Jun 2024 and 31 Aug 2024 (both days inclusive) ("Promotion Period").
  2. Within Promotion Period, successful applicants of VHIS Standard Care or VHIS Prestige Care of MSIG Insurance (Hong Kong) Limited ("MSIG") whose submit the contact information on MSIG's insurance designated website accessed through the website of AEON Credit Service (ASIA) Co. Ltd("AEON") or contact AEON MSIG Insurance Service Hotline directly; and receive a quotation for Voluntary Health Insurance Scheme ("VHIS") from AEON MSIG Insurance Service Hotline is entitled to below discount offer :
    AEON Card Premium Credit Cardmember EnjoyAEON Credit Cardmember
    VHIS Standard Care
    (Standard Plan)
    15% premium discount
    on the first year policy
    10% premium discount
    on the first year policy
    VHIS Prestige Care
    (Flexi Plan)
  3. The premium discount is only applicable to the first year premium of the VHIS Standard Care or VHIS Prestige Care policy.
  4. These terms and conditions are related to the promotional offers only and no reference has been made to any MSIG insurance policy ("Policy") or any coverage or content. Customers are advised to read and understand the Policy before applying for the relevant insurance.
  5. AEON and MSIG reserves the right to vary or terminate the offers at any time and to amend the terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  6. All matters or disputes in relation to the promotional offers and the interpretation of terms and conditions herein shall be subject to the decision of AEON and MSIG, which shall be final and binding.
  7. If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and the Chinese versions of these terms and conditions and any details of the promotional offers, the English version shall prevail.

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